News 2015


CFD in Modelica - Visit us on the Modelica Conference in Paris

Modelica 2015

XRG Simulation will present the most recent product developments and research results at the upcoming 11th International Modelica Conference in Paris from Sep., 21st to 23rd. You are invited to visit our booth in the conference exhibition area (room Racine) where we will give you insight into our interesting simulation products, services and research projects covering the whole range of energy engineering.

Very innovative news are the new CFD model in Modelica (HumanComfort 2.0) and the strongly enhanced HVAC Library 2.0, which provides now many, many air-conditioning components.

Furthermore, the recently released free ClaRa Library 1.0 for optimization of conventional power plant processes will be presented.    

Please do not hesitate to book a meeting with one of our competent representatives today. Our staff is looking forward to show you all the enhancements in our Modelica Libraries and XRG Applications:

Our well-known Modelica libraries are:

HumanComfort Library - Professional Evaluation and Visualization of Thermal Comfort in Buildings and Vehicles
HVAC Library -The XRG Library for Modelling Heating and Cooling Systems in Buildings
ClaRa Library - The FREE Library for Simulation of Conventional Power Stations
Hydronics Library - Detailed Modelling of Thermo-hydraulic Systems (e.g., engine or battery cooling)
FluidDissipation Library - Award-winning, free Modelica library for Modelling of Pressure Loss and Convective Heat Transfer

Experience the new XRGApplication products which help to conduct your simulation tasks efficiently:

ModelOpt - The XRGApplication for Mathematical Parameter Optimization of Modelica Models (e.g., for minimizing cost functions or deviations from measurement data)
Canvas - Post-Processing and Visualization of 1D Simulation Results (for creation of display sheets on own background images. e.g. schematic plant diagrams)


We are looking forward to meeting you on the Modelica Conference 2015!


Achema 2015 - Save up to 90% of energy with SyntHEX

Save up to 90% of energy with heat reclaim at a minimum of invest.

SyntHEX solves this task for you even for complex process applications with many different streams. Its powerful mathematic algorithms beat even the well-known and established Pinch-Analysis-Method by up to 25% w.r.t. total costs (see SyntHEX page). And what is best: After the brief definition of boundary conditions and input of individual cost functions it does the job completely automatic and overnight.

It is our pleasure to demonstrate this fascinating world champion tool to you on our booth in Hall 9.2 F11a. Please contact us now for an individual appointment with our competent staff by writing an email to

We are looking forward to meeting you in Frankfurt.


Release Modelica-Library Hydronics 2.1.0

The newest release of our Hydronics Library 2.1.0 comes again with some interesting new models and features. The library is compatible with Modelica.Fluid components from Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1. Furthermore, an update of the Add-on Library for AirConditioning Library users is provided which helps to couple to liquid models.

Further news of this release are:

  • Storage tank model with internal coil heat exchanger (can be used for domestic hot water storages and more)
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • 3-way-valve for controlling flow temperatures
  • Enhancement of plate-fin and tube-fin crossflow heat exchanger models

Successful Release of a Free Modelica Library for Conventional Power Plant Simulation

Transparent power plant

After a development time of more than 42 months and over 20 men years of work invested, TLK-Thermo GmbH, TU Hamburg-Harburg and XRG Simulation GmbH proudly announce the successful release of the world's most comprehensive Modelica library for conventional power plant simulation. The new ClaRa (Clausius Rankine) library can be downloaded for free from Currently, the only Modelica simulation software supported is Dymola. The development of the software was funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag.

Significant changes in world's energy markets come with new challenges for existing and new power plant projects. Conventional disposable units have to be more flexible to balance fluctuations from the renewables. ClaRa is used for real life applications and provides tailored modelling with various level of detail. Please contact us for more information: T +49(0)40-766292630 or

Your challenges

  • Make your plant more competitive in changing energy markets
  • Enhance range of operation
  • Analyse sub-optimal controllers
  • Improve control quality

ClaRa helps you to

  • Check plant failure behaviour
  • Check part load behaviour
  • Detect bottlenecks
  • Evaluate alternatives in planning phase
  • Improve performance already in planning phase

Use ClaRa to Analyse Your

  • Hard coal plants - from the coal grinding to the grid 
  • Combined cycles - catch transients of drum swelling
  • Industry power plants - always on demand of your process
  • District heating systems - track critical pressure oscillations
  • and much more ...

Powerful for Power Plant Simulation

  • Models for the complete equipment: pumps, fans, turbines, heat exchangers, furnace,
  • electric motors, mills, valves, piping and fittings, storage tanks and flue gas cleaning
  • Transparent set of equations, well documented
  • Robust, fast and user-friendly 
  • Validated against literature data and measurement data of existing plants

User-Friendly, Robust and Flexible

  • Based on Modelica - a mighty player in systems simulations
  • Well tested with Dymola 2014 and newer
  • Free of charge and open source
  • Easy to extend using the Modelica standard 



New company site in Wolfsburg

Stefan Wischhusen and Vitja SchroederDr. Stefan Wischhusen (l.) opens the new office with the site manager Vitja Schröder (r.)

After a short planning phase of about one year, we have successfully put the newest company site in Wolfsburg (Germany) into operation. This fulfills our customer's need for an optimal service including personal contact in the region of Wolfsburg, Hannover and Braunschweig. The employees of this site will proceed to deliver XRG's high-quality simulation services and consultancy to our valueable clients.

Vitja Schröder has been assigned the site manager in our new office in Ladestraße 2, 38442 Wolfsburg/Germany (email: He is at your disposal under the following phone number: +49-(0)5362-9382884.