The XRGApplication for Post Processing and Visualization of 1D Simulation Results


The Canvas software is a post processing tool for easy and fast visualization of 1-d simulation results. The basic concept is to arrange numerical result values on a selectable background image. That enables the user to generate analyzing figures with self designed background pictures in an efficient way. A batch mode allows the generation of a series of analyzing images out of a high number of result files with one click. The analyzing images can be created for different simulation times and different result files, whereby the desired simulation times can be chosen intuitively with a time slider. The numerical result values to be displayed on the background image can be selected by a double click in a variable browser. The font, color and size of the corresponding text item can be selected as usual in any text editor. The tool is not limited to a certain simulation program, although the first version only supports simulation results from Dymola and OpenModelica, in the near future more result file types (e.g. Matlab/Simulink) will be supported.


Comfortable Five-Step Visualization

  1. Load a background image (*.png), which can be created by any drawing program
  2. Import of result files
  3. Position and format the display
  4. Select a time point for analysis
  5. Export the image (*.png) and use it in another application

Visualization of 1D-Simulation Results

Canvas GUI

Important Features of Canvas

  • Post processing software for analyzing 1D-simulation results
  • Support of steady-state and transient simulation results
  • Desktop application for Windows operating systems (Win 7, XP 32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Import of Dymola and OpenModelica simulation result files (Matlab v4 format)
  • Variable browser with filter function for large result files
  • Selection of time points with a Slider
  • Formating of Displays (Font, Colour, Position, Content)
  • Interpolation of results between grid points