FluidDissipation Library

FluidDissipation Library

The XRG Library for modeling pressure loss and heat transfer of thermo-hydraulic components

XRG FluidDissipation Library

The XRG FluidDissipation Library contains heat transfer and pressure loss calculations for a large amount of industrial components which are important for the modeling of thermo-hydraulic processes.

The Modelica library FluidDissipation is free and has an open source code. The necessary correlations can be implemented in arbitrary thermo-hydraulic Modelica model libraries and are suited for dynamic simulation. The stand-alone use in a Modelica application is also possible.

FluidDissipation Example – Modelica Model of an Aircraft Air-Conditioning


The components are modeled with a company’s own library which uses the FluidDissipation for modeling pressure loss and heat transfer.

The Calculations of the FluidDissipation Library

Heat Transfer

  • Channel: forced convection in a channel
  • General: generic correlations of forced convection (e.g. Dittus/Boelter)
  • Heat Exchanger: heat transfer for heat exchangers
  • Helical Pipe: forced convection in helical pipe heat exchanger
  • Plate: forced convection for plain surfaces
  • Straight Pipe: forced convection in pipes

Pressure loss and pressure difference

  • Bend: pressure loss in pipe bends
  • Channel: pressure loss in channels
  • Diffuser: total pressure difference in diffusers
  • General: generic pressure loss models
  • Heat Exchanger: air side pressure loss
  • Junction: total pressure difference in tees
  • Nozzle: total pressure difference in nozzles
  • Orifice: total pressure difference in sudden profile changes
  • Straight Pipe: pressure loss in pipes
  • Valve: Pressure loss in different valves

If you have any questions regarding the XRG FluidDissipation library, please sent us a mail.