Hydronics Library

Hydronics Library

The XRG Library to model fluid circuits

XRG Hydronics Library

In liquid circuits, modern heat distribution networks or similar applications the ratio of mechanical effort and thermal performance of the heat exchanger is very important.

The XRG Hydronics Library is a modern and flexible tool and you can easily optimize your applications.

Heat-up of an automotive cooling loop


Benefit from the possibilities of dynamic and steady-state simulations. The dynamic simulations allow the optimization of pump and valve controls, the stationary simulations allow the rapid calculation of pressure loss or of the performance in arbitrary operating points.

The XRG Hydronics Library contains i.a. the following models:

  • Pumps (constant rpm, variable rpm)
  • Valves
  • Heat Exchangers (moist air-liquid, liquid-liquid)
  • Expansion vessels and storage tanks
  • Pipes, bends, elbows and tees (insulated, non-insulated, adiabatic)
  • Orifices
  • Different liquids

Modeling of hydraulic systems with more than 100 sub-components

The Hydronics Library allows the handling of more than 100 sub-components in one system. The objective of the example is the cooling of two different air flows in two heat exchangers (see figure). Two control valves distribute the coolant mass flow according to the demand. The output variables are temperatures, pressures and all flow variables like heat flow or electric power.

In the following figure the temperature is animated and the output of the integrated power demand is possible.

XRG Library Module

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