XRG Libraries at a glance – modular and flexible

The XRGLibraries can be fitted optionally to our customer’s scenarios.

XRG Libraries at a glance

XRG HumanComfort Library

The HumanComfort library models the thermal behaviour of internal rooms and the human comfort. click here

XRG HVAC Library

The HVACLibrary models the refrigeration and heating systems in buildings. Dynamic, annual calculation of energy flows and primary energy consumption. click here

XRG FluidDissipation Library

The XRG Library for modeling pressure loss and heat transfer of thermo-hydraulic components. click here

XRG Media Library

The XRGMediaLibrary calculates the thermodynamic properties for dynamic simulations. Refrigerant R134a, NH3 (ammonia) and CO2. click here

XRG Hydronics Library

The HydronicsLibrary models fluid circuits in vehicles, buildings, power and industrial plants, ships. click here