NAKULEK - Modellbased design and analysis of a natural circulation for cooling of aircraft systems

In this aviation research project an innovative cooling system for high-temperature heat loads in aircrafts will be developed. Power electronic components shall be cooled by means of a natural circulation and phase change material (PCM). XRG will innovate straightforward simulation techniques to allow a model-driven system development. Thus, the models will be used to optimize the design of the system with regard to essential parameters like weight, power consumption, aerodynamic drag and integration space. New model libraries will provide models for robust simulation of natural circulation using sustainable refrigerants. Both, 1D and 3D (CFD) models shall allow either a system or component simulation for two-phase flows.


In this joint research project XRG Simulation cooperates with ZAL GmbH (Hamburg’s Center of Applied Aeronautical Research) and the institute of Technical Thermodynamics of Hamburg University of Technology.

Research Funding

The research project Nakulek is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics Affairs and Energy (number 20Q1519B) and started in July 2016 and will terminate end of June 2019.