We fit useful modules into system simulation

Programming of additional simulation tools

We program miscellaneous tools for our customers. These tools can be fitted individually to systems and requirements:

  • We offer observer in the form of control programs (and hardware controller) as a supplemental module to simulation models. They are implemented in the system and control the measured data.
  • We develop optimization tools for complex systems. They use objective functions or structural optimization parameters.
  • We program co-simulations for models that were generated with different simulation tools and combine cross-program applications.
  • In connection with simulations we program property calculations und illustration to determine the fluid properties under measureable changes. E.g. density, temperature, viscosity, entropy, enthalpy and thermal conductivity can be considered.
  • We fit the user interface of our tools to our customer’s functional requirements.
  • To simplify the management of results, miscellaneous models and to prevent data loss we program (web-) databases for our customers.

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