We compute the behaviour of energy systems under dynamic conditions

Modeling and Simulation by Numerical Methods

We model energy systems in facilities, aircrafts, ships and in the automotive sector. We simulate the functionality under dynamic conditions with the most modern and up-to-date simulation tools. These energy systems are for example:

  • Thermo-hydraulic systems
  • Process and power plants
  • Energy supply systems e.g. heating, cooling and power generation in facilities and mobile application and compressed-air generation and supply
  • Multi-Domain-Systems, i.e. electrical, thermodynamic and mechanical systems and the control are combined
  • Building simulation, ventilation systems

XRG Leistungen


Simulation tools

  • Dymola / Modelica
    Multi-Domain modeling of physical systems

  • SyntHEX
    Intelligent Optimization of heat exchanger networks

  • Matlab / Simulink
    Multi-Domain and control modeling for signal-oriented, dynamic simulation

  • AirConditioning Library
    Modeling of mobile air-condition (e.g. in vehicles)

  • Flowmaster
    Simulation of thermo-hydraulic systems

  • DesignBuilder / EnergyPlus
    Thermal simulation of buildings

  • TISC - TLK Inter Software Connector
    Linking of different simulation tools

  • TIL Modelica Library
    Modeling of thermal systems