Efficient heat recovery using SyntHEX

We support you in developing optimal heat exchanger networks

The generation of process heat accounts for more than 50% of the total power demand of the German industry. This represents, therefore, a significant cost factor for many companies and a starting point for efficiency improvement measures. We help industrial and commercial companies as well as research institutions to find the best possible solution to minimize energy consumption and costs – Step by Step. With our new developed software „SyntHEX“ we lead you from the feasibility study to the detailed design and documentation of heat integration concepts.

SyntHEX Application

Step 1: Feasibility Study

As a first step, we recommend our customers a feasibility study. Based on process data provided by you, this study serves to estimate potential savings and to outline the required effort for a desired process optimization.

Step 2: Process optimization of existing and new plants

If the feasibility study is positive, it follows a detailed design and optimization of the selected process with SyntHEX. This simulation software was specifically developed for assessing efficient heat exchanger networks. With this tool, we achieve impressive results with significantly higher cost savings than previously possible (up to 25 percent). This applies to existing and new installations alike. You will get the results, after a comprehensive presentation, in a detailed documentation.

Step 3: Option for own modifications

Upon request we deliver the final project to your Engineering, so that they can later perform own modifications. For this purpose, it is necessary to purchase a SyntHEX license. Of course, we conduct you and advise you in all SyntHEX questions. Furthermore, we also offer SyntHEX training programs.

Step 4: SyntHEX-users training

In a two-day training program we familiarize you with all the important features of SyntHEX. Please write an email to training@xrg-simulation.de for more details about our training offers.