Schulung SyntHEX

Knowing and Understanding SyntHEX

We train building heat recovery concepts even for very complex processes

SyntHEX is a new simulation tool reliably calculating the most efficient measures for reducing energy needs by intelligent heat recovery in industrial processes. It applys to all procedural processes where additonal heating and cooling is needed. Among others the software stands out due to it´s easy handling, thus enables even unexperienced users to do quick first steps to energy recovery theme.

XRG SyntHEX Schulungen


The training course is for technicians, engineers and scientists who deal with process engineering, analysis and development. Please note that the number of participants is limited from 5 to 10 persons in order to enable an intensive support of the group.

Prerequisites for attending

For a successful participation basic knowledge of procedural processes will be helpful. Everybody with general scientific skills is welcome, too.

Course instructor

The course is held in German by Ole Engel who is concerned with the designing of ideal heat recovery concepts in process industry and furthermore leads the development of SyntHEX.

Training course objectives

The objective is to acquaint the participants with the usage of SyntHEX. In the end every participant should be able to build ideal heat recovery concepts for even very complex processes. Therefore, we additionally provide the participants with methods of energetic analysis of processes.


  • Energetic analysis of procedural processes
  • Manual designing of simple HEN
  • Simple methods for optimization
  • Implementation of heat pumps/vapour compressor
  • Special challenges in complex processes
  • HEN-synthesis with SyntHEX
  • Analysis and rating of heat recovery concepts
  • Optimization of existing plants with SyntHEX (Retrofit)

Please contact us, if there is need of an individuel customized quotation.

Course length and place of event

The course will take 2 days (9 hours each including lunch break).
It takes place in XRG´s training rooms in Hamburg, Germany (view).


The course fee is 800 Euro per person (plus VAT) and includes training material and catering (lunch, beverages). Accommodation expenses are beared by the participants.


For application please give us a call (+49 40 76629 2630) or send an email ( You will receive a booking confirmation via email.
Until 14 days before the course you can cancel without any charges. After that period we bill a cancellation fee about 50 percent of the costs.