News 2011


New branch in Böblingen was opened

The chairman of management board Dr. Stefan Wischhusen (l.) appoints Sven Rutkowski as the managing director of the new branch in Böblingen

Our new branch in Böblingen near Stuttgart was opened on Wednesday. The opening of the new branch in the heart of Baden-Württemberg is another successful step in the history of XRG Simulation, says the CEO of XRG Simulation, Dr. Stefan Wischhusen on Wednesday. XRG Simulation will play an important role in developing and improving innovative energy products for the future.

The managing director of the new branch, Sven Rutkowski, is looking forward to his new task and the cooperation with our customers. The new location near Stuttgart allows us to meet spontaneously with our customers on site and therefore improves and strengthens the contact. Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to present our services and products to you.

T +49 (0)7031-7147750


New company site in Stuttgart announced

The newest company site is located in the Softwarezentrum Boeblingen/Sindelfingen

XRG's board of management proudly announces his most recent company site which will be opened November, 1st, 2011 in the Softwarezentrum Boeblingen/Sindelfingen, close to Stuttgart (Germany). The site will provide this very strong industrialized area with simulation services and innovative products for energy system simulation. Sven Rutkowski was assigned to be the branch office manager.


XRG employee takes part in the Hamburg triathlon

Triathlete Sven Rutkowski completed the Olympic Distance Triathlon

9000 athletes took part in the Hamburg triathlon either over Olympic or sprint distance on the 19th of July. Starting for XRG Simulation: Sven Rutkowski. Over the Olympic distance (1,5 km swimming, 40 km cycling, 10 km running) he reached a sensational 294th place (of 2700 athletes). Congratulations!


XRG runs for a good cause

HSH Nordbank Run StartbildLed by Triathleten Sven Rutkowski the XRG staff starts dynamcially in the run

XRG does not only run simulations there are simulators running, as well! Seriously: The XRG staff took part in the HSH Nordbank run and reached all together the finish. What a great team...


XRG Simulation is part of the CleanSky research project!

Dr. Stefan Wischhusen receives the award from Eric Dautriat, president of the CleanSky committee.

The CleanSky initiative will develop environmental friendly technologies for the next generation of planes. The initiative has a funding of 1,6 billion Euro and is the second largest in history.

Dr. Stefan Wischhusen received the award for the 400th participating company on the 22th of June in Paris during the International Air Show:”I am really glad that we participate in the CleanSky project and so become part of the huge CleanSky family.”

XRG Simulation will conduct methods development for simulations of environmental friendly air-conditioning, magnetic components and signal analysis (Wavelet). Partners will be the TU Dresden and the TU München. The results will be published in form of free Modelica libraries.