News 2013


New Release of Modelica Library XRG Media 3.2.5

A new release of our XRG Media Modelica library is available for Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1. The library contains property functions written in Modelica for the refrigerants R134a, NH3 (R717), CO2 (R744), R1234yf and R245fa. The property models use the Modelica.Media specification for two-phase media.


New Release of Modelica Library Hydronics 2.0

The newest release of the Hydronics Library 2.0, which can be ordered from now on, has some very interesting new features. A new hydraulic connector is used which is compatible with Modelica.Fluid models of the Modelica Standard Library. Furthermore, an Addon Library for AirConditioning Library users is provided which helps to couple to liquid models. Adapter models and the supplied medium models allow for a consistent calculation of fluid properties across the interfaces to AC Library.

Further news of this release are:

  • Summaries in each component model.
  • New mixing valve.
  • New flat tube model for heat exchangers.
  • Added calibration factors for non-generic pressure loss and heat transfer models.

The Modelica Library FluidDissipation 1.1.3 is released

XRG FluidDissipation

FluidDissipation is an open Modelica Library for calculations of pressure differences and heat transfer. It is developed by XRG Simulation.

The library is open source and can be downloaded freely in the version 1.1.3 for Dymola and MSL 3.2.

List of revisions:

  • Corrected Modelica syntax (w.r.t. annotation, enumerations, etc.).
  • Corrected an error in the momentum pressure loss calculation of FluidDissipation.Utilities.Functions.PressureLoss.TwoPhase.
  • Specified a type for A_cross in the same function. Correction of references in function Modelica.Fluid.Dissipation.Utilities.Functions.PressureLoss.TwoPhase.
  • Removed an erroneous limitation of angle phi for geodetic pipe pressure difference in function FluidDissipation.Utilities.Functions.PressureLoss.TwoPhase.
  • Corrected many typos.

First XRG Marathon Relay finishes within 4 hours

Proud relay members (from l.): Detlev Baumeister, Friedrich Gottelt, Dejanira Juarez and Stefan Wischhusen

Another success for XRG: The first mixed relay team takes part in Hamburg's 28th Haspa Marathon. On an extraordinary sunny April day (we are in Hamburg) the four members of relay team Detlev Baumeister, Friedrich Gottelt, Dejanira Juarez and Stefan Wischhusen finish in 3 hours and 56 min. Dejanira was the first on track and completed her 16.3 km in a remarkable time of 1:17. Next was Stefan Wischhusen who was highly motivated after this quick start of his teammate. He could keep up the pace over 11.4 km and reached the next transfer zone after 53 min where Detlev was waiting for him. The third runner even completed by achieving his personal best performance after another 5 km. Unfortunately, the last transfer did not work too good due to a missing team member but after another 20 min Friedrich was on the road and finished his 9.5 km in 53 min. Nevertheless, all participants were very happy about the first Marathon relay and will start again in 2014.


Visit our booth at the ASIM Workshop in Düsseldorf, Feb., 28th to Mar. 1st

ASIM logoASIM Workshop in Düsseldorf

The ASIM Workshop is this year hosted by the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf and it again brings together simulation experts from a broad range of disciplines (see Program). This event is focussed on application-oriented topics about simulation tools and offers interesting workshops and talks.

At our booth we will present the most recent versions of our XRGApplication products which help to conduct your simulation tasks efficiently:

  • ModelOpt - The XRGApplication for Mathematical Parameter Optimization of Modelica Models (e.g., for minimizing cost functions or deviations from measurement data)
  • Canvas - Post-Processing and Visualization of 1D Simulation Results (for creation of display sheets on own background images. e.g. schematic plant diagrams)

So just come around!

Furthermore, we would like to kindly invite you to the talks of our colleague:

  • Ole Engel: "ModelOpt – ein Werkzeug zur Verbesserung von Simulationsmodellen", Thu., Feb., 28th at 14:00 in the room "H1.1"

We are looking forward to seeing you!