New Release of Modelica Library HumanComfort 1.3

human comfort

New Release of Modelica HumanComfortLib 1.3

The HumanComfort library 1.3 provides basic models to estimate the thermal comfort within an air-conditioned zone and provides it in form of mathematical criteria and also graphical visualizations. Furthermore, zone models (e.g., for buildings) are established to apply the HumanComfort library for the design and optimization process of air-conditioning system for mobile and stationary applications.

New features of version 1.3:

  • New pressure loss models (vessel equations, simple quadratic, constant).
  • A replaceable conduction model is added at the multi-layer partition model to simplify the equations to one capacitive mass without changing the parameterization.
  • New weather model provides dynamic latitude and longitude changes. That enables the option to use flight or driving profiles.
  • New moving conditions inner model for dynamic zones rotations around XYZ-Axis for automotive and aircraft models.
  • Update of the library to comply with MSL 3.2.1
  • Update of the documentation and training material.

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