Announcement of CFDSystems Modelica Library 1.0

cfd systems

XRG proudly announces the new CFDSystems Modelica library available for Dymola 2018 FD01. This new high-tech product will dramatically reduce your engineering costs and will further increase the quality of your products. Both is achieved by:


  • fast coarse grid CFD simulations on conventional PCs
  •   seemless connections to Modelica system models in one simulation tool
  •   finer resolution of flow domains with Navier-Stokes-based equations
  •   insight into Modelica code of each model


The library components were already contained since 2015 in XRG’s HumanComfort Library and will still be available in this product.

The models have been successfully applied to automotive, building and aeronautic applications.

If you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: