CFD in Modelica - Visit us on the Modelica Conference in Paris

Modelica 2015

XRG Simulation will present the most recent product developments and research results at the upcoming 11th International Modelica Conference in Paris from Sep., 21st to 23rd. You are invited to visit our booth in the conference exhibition area (room Racine) where we will give you insight into our interesting simulation products, services and research projects covering the whole range of energy engineering.

Very innovative news are the new CFD model in Modelica (HumanComfort 2.0) and the strongly enhanced HVAC Library 2.0, which provides now many, many air-conditioning components.

Furthermore, the recently released free ClaRa Library 1.0 for optimization of conventional power plant processes will be presented.    

Please do not hesitate to book a meeting with one of our competent representatives today. Our staff is looking forward to show you all the enhancements in our Modelica Libraries and XRG Applications:

Our well-known Modelica libraries are:

HumanComfort Library - Professional Evaluation and Visualization of Thermal Comfort in Buildings and Vehicles
HVAC Library -The XRG Library for Modelling Heating and Cooling Systems in Buildings
ClaRa Library - The FREE Library for Simulation of Conventional Power Stations
Hydronics Library - Detailed Modelling of Thermo-hydraulic Systems (e.g., engine or battery cooling)
FluidDissipation Library - Award-winning, free Modelica library for Modelling of Pressure Loss and Convective Heat Transfer

Experience the new XRGApplication products which help to conduct your simulation tasks efficiently:

ModelOpt - The XRGApplication for Mathematical Parameter Optimization of Modelica Models (e.g., for minimizing cost functions or deviations from measurement data)
Canvas - Post-Processing and Visualization of 1D Simulation Results (for creation of display sheets on own background images. e.g. schematic plant diagrams)


We are looking forward to meeting you on the Modelica Conference 2015!