Modelica 2017 - XRG at Modelica Conference in Prague

modelica 12

XRG Simulation will present the most recent product developments and research results at the upcoming 12th International Modelica Conference in Prag from May, 15th to 17th. You are invited to visit XRG's vendor session and our talks.

Vendor session 9 : XRG Score - A new Excel-based tool for FMU simulations

In this session on May 15th at 18:30 (Room Tycho-Kepler) the brandnew XRG SCORE Excel Add-In is presented and demonstrated. SCORE is a summary of useful Excel extensions for users of the Dymola Software (product of Dassault Systemes) or users of Functional Mockup Units (FMU).

With SCORE the user has the option to write scripts out of Excel sheets for serial simulation, run simultaneously simulations (multithreading) and read the results into Excel for post-processing. The SCORE software reads the results and fills predefined Excel sheets with formulas and diagrams.

Talk 1: "Extended Modelica Model for Heat Transfer of Two-Phase Flows in Pipes Considering Various Flow Patterns"

On May 16th at 18:05 (Session 7B Thermodynamic Systems) Timm Hoppe is going to talk about a new heat transfer model for 2ph-flow in XRG's FluidDissipation Library.

Talk 2: "Applying the Power Plant Library ClaRa for Control Optimisation"

On May 17th at 14:55 (Session C11 Power Plants & Energy Sys) Lasse Nielsen will talk about the comprehensive Power Plant Library ClaRa and its use for Control Optimisation.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the Modelica Conference 2017!