Design Optimization of a Hydrogen Storage and Conversion System using Modelica

Macroscopic ernergy conversion system in Modelica

Hydrogen is one of the key fuels for reaching the goals of a sustainable energy supply. A lot of research has been conducted to convert power to gas and back again. Required components of said conversion systems, like fuel cells and electrolyzers are not new but known in principle for more than hundred years.

As Jules Verne wrote in 1875:

"Water is the coal of the future. The energy of tomorrow is water that has been decomposed by electricity. The decomposed elements of water, hydrogen and oxygen, will secure the Earth's energy supply for an indefinite period of time."

In the frame of project "EnergiePuffer" (engl., "energy buffer") funded by German Federal Ministry for Ecomomic Affairs and Energy XRG and Fraunhofer ICT will carry out a simulation based design optimization for an innovative hydrogen storage system. The goal is to maximize the use of renewable energy sources for building energy and public grid supply in any season of the year. In addition, the plant shall convert excess power from the public grid on demand. The optimization considers all relevant economical factors as well as technical factors and requirements.