Pathways towards Climate-Neutral Housing explored by XRG's HumanComfort Library

Coupled building and heating system

David Reiners works as a scientist at EBZ Business School GmbH. He and his colleagues have selected XRG’s HumanComfort Library to enable a deeper analysis of transient heat flows in buildings.”Our goal is to get more insight into the interaction between smart heating devices and the conventional building structure. The HumanComfort Library shall help us to better understand effects revealed by our measurements.”, Reiners says.

EBZ Business School is partnering with very renowned companies like Danfoss, Viessmann, Bosch, Vonovia and many others in Germany’s Alliance for Climate-Neutral Housing. They are aiming to reduce energy consumption in conventional buildings that contributes to not less than a quarter of Germany’s total energy balance (approx. 650 TWh in 2017). Roughly 75% of this share is used for heating purposes. Thus, the impact of more efficient buildings on reduction of climate gases cannot be underestimated.