XRG and Research Centre Rez win Best Paper Award

Von links: Albannie Cagnac (EDF R&D) - Ausrichter; Ales Vojacek (XRG Simulation GmbH) - Autor; Dieter Brillert (Universität Duisburg-Essen) - Chairman

XRG and Research Centre Rez (Czech Republic) wins Best Paper Award at 3rd European Conference on Supercritical CO2 Power Systems

Conventional power stations run with water steam cycles so far and produce unwanted carbon dioxide (CO2) when burning fossil fuels. Did you know that water steam could be replaced by CO2 to make the overall process more efficient and less pollutant? Together with our colleagues from Research Centre Rez we investigate this reasonable future application of the climate gas by simulations and experimental research.

Ales Vojacek's (XRG, picture middle) and Timm Hoppe's paper "Experimental Investigations and Simulations of the Control System in Supercritical CO2 Loop" provides evidence that our open source Modelica-based simulation code ClaRa is suitable for modeling steady states and transient scenarios along with PID controllers’ actions and their tuning in sCO2 environment. This was supported by series of benchmark exercises that was performed on the sCO2 loop in Research Centre Rez.

Congratulations to the authors!