Open Model-Driven Whole-Product Development and Simulation Environment

One of the important paradigm shifts in product development is the continuous utilization of one model during the whole product life cycle. This integrative approach allows a significant more efficient product development, since the product can be tested throughout all development stages.

The integrated holistic environment approach of model-driven development in the OPENPROD project generalizes model-driven approaches to include most aspects of product development. The most important concepts are:

  • A holistic whole-product model-driven rapid development and design environment for both software and hardware, also including support for product business processes,
  • Open source tools and components for open reusable solutions,
  • Standardized model representation of products primarily based on Modelica and UML.

OpenProd figure

XRG Simulation contributed to several sub-projects:

  • Integration of sparse matrices operations in differential equations solver
  • Parameter optimization of Modelica models using the OpenModelica compiler
  • Annual simulation of a building as an example (demonstrator)

Research Funding

The research project OPENPROD was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (number 01IS09029G) and started in June 2009 and ended in December 2012.

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