Introduction to Modelica

The modeling language Modelica is a state-of-the-art programming language used to simulate physical systems. Since 1996 the international and independent Modelica Association develops this language. Due to it´s clear and conceptional syntax specific application software can easily be modeled by beginners. International companies and research facilities utilize Modelica to great success. Modelica especially displays it´s technological advantages in the field of energy and mechatronic systems.


The training course is for engineers and scientists who deal with development and simulation of energy systems. Please note that the number of participants is limited to 6 attendees in order to enable an intensive support of the group.


The course is held in German by Dr. Stefan Wischhusen. Dr. Wischhusen models energy systems in several industrial and research projects for more than 10 years. Since 2010 he is a member of the Modelica Association which develops this modeling language.

Prerequisites for attending

For a successful participation the only thing needed is knowledge of using a personal computer.

Training course objectives

The objective is to introduce the participants to the modeling language Modelica.


  • Operate the Modelica application (user interface; creation of system models; running simulations; scritpting language)
  • Introduction to the object-orientated model description language Modelica (getting to know the most important syntax elements)
  • How to build specific object-orientated models (building model libraries; generating interfaces; consideration of noncausal programming; hybrid and discrete event modeling)
  • Programming and usage of graphical model elements; how to do integrated documentation; capabilities to structure and design parameter dialogs
  • Evaluation of simulations
  • Systemical debugging of models; optimizing simulations

Course duration and place of event

The course will take 2 days (9 hours each including lunch break). It takes place in XRG´s training rooms in Hamburg, Germany.


The course fee is 1100 Euro per person (plus VAT) and includes training material and catering (lunch, beverages). Accommodation expenses are beared by the participants.

Please contact us, if there is need of an individuel customized quotation


For booking please give us a call (+49 40-76629 2630) or send an email ( You will receive a booking confirmation via email. Until 14 days before the course you can cancel without any charges. After that period we bill a cancellation fee about 50 pecent of the costs.


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