Successful Release of a Free Modelica Library for Conventional Power Plant Simulation

glaesernes Kraftwerk

After a development time of more than 42 months and over 20 men years of work invested, TLK-Thermo GmbH, TU Hamburg-Harburg and XRG Simulation GmbH proudly announce the successful release of the world's most comprehensive Modelica library for conventional power plant simulation. The new ClaRa (Clausius Rankine) library can be downloaded for free from Currently, the only Modelica simulation software supported is Dymola. The development of the software was funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag.

Significant changes in world's energy markets come with new challenges for existing and new power plant projects. Conventional disposable units have to be more flexible to balance fluctuations from the renewables. ClaRa is used for real life applications and provides tailored modelling with various level of detail. Please contact us for more information: T +49(0)40-766292630 or

Your challenges

Make your plant more competitive in changing energy markets
Enhance range of operation
Analyse sub-optimal controllers
Improve control quality

ClaRa helps you to

Check plant failure behaviour
Check part load behaviour
Detect bottlenecks
Evaluate alternatives in planning phase
Improve performance already in planning phase

Use ClaRa to Analyse Your

Hard coal plants - from the coal grinding to the grid
Combined cycles - catch transients of drum swelling
Industry power plants - always on demand of your process
District heating systems - track critical pressure oscillations
and much more ...

Powerful for Power Plant Simulation

Models for the complete equipment: pumps, fans, turbines, heat exchangers, furnace,
electric motors, mills, valves, piping and fittings, storage tanks and flue gas cleaning
Transparent set of equations, well documented
Robust, fast and user-friendly
Validated against literature data and measurement data of existing plants

User-Friendly, Robust and Flexible

Based on Modelica - a mighty player in systems simulations
Well tested with Dymola 2014 and newer
Free of charge and open source
Easy to extend using the Modelica standard