AIT uses HumanComfort CFD Toolchain

Green car CFD

XRG Simulation is excited to announce another purchase order of HumanComfort licenses in the automotive field.

Thermal comfort in electric vehicles and range are key challenges for the acceptance of new mobility solutions. The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) leads a European consortium of 11 partners in the Horizon research project MINDED (long title: Thermal and energy Management for INcreased Driving range of an Electric minibus including improved user-centric Design and thermal comfort) that seeks innovative thermal management solutions for future minibuses that will improve the range by not less than 20%.

Project manager Thomas Bäuml said:”Our goal is not only to increase energy efficiency, but also to optimize comfort for drivers and passengers. By integrating infrared heating panels and developing intelligent user interfaces, we are creating an innovative solution in the field of thermal management for electric vehicles. In this way, we want to make a decisive contribution to increasing the acceptance of electrically powered vehicles and thus ultimately contribute to environmentally friendly mobility in line with the European Green Deal.

The validation of new concepts will be accomplished by test bench experiments and digital twins. The HumanComfort Library toolchain provides the optimal solution to investigate different strategies with CFD coarse grid models in an open code framework and will save us much development time."