XRG Modelica Library HVACLib 3.0.0 available now

HVAC Library Umfang

XRG Modelica Library HVACLib 3.0.0 available now – simulation of building heating, cooling and air conditioning systems to evaluate energy consumption and efficiency.

What’s the context?

One of the most important aspects of effective climate protection is the global energy transition and in particular the heat transition in the building sector. Converting existing conventional heating and cooling systems fueled by fossil fuels like gas and oil to sustainable, renewable energy-based systems is an immense and imperative challenge. However, high energy efficiency is also important for renewable systems to keep costs as low as possible. And the energy efficiency strongly depends on system design and operating mode.

That's where we come in! But how?

In the early stages of designing heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, simulating various configurations can help identify the most efficient and cost-effective options while avoiding design errors or over-sizing.

For existing systems, simulating different operating modes and control strategies can also lead to significant energy and CO2 savings.

Our HVACLib is perfectly suited for these use cases!

The HVACLib 3.0.0 includes components to model conventional energy systems with gas or oil boilers, as well as sustainable, CO2-neutral systems with heat pumps, solar thermal collectors, photovoltaics and storage units. By using a pressure-free modeling approach, simulation results can be delivered very fast, even for complex systems. This makes the models ideal for annual simulations and automated optimization techniques.

The models of the new version are even more versatile, with easier parameterization using freely available data sheets, and even better performance in terms of simulation time.

In addition to the library itself, we're also ready to provide support with the modeling, simulation, and optimization of your system.