XRGMedia becomes part of DLR ThermofluidStream

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XRG and DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control partner in offering robust solutions for the modeling and simulation of thermofluids.

DLR has recently issued a first free version of the new DLR ThermofluidStream Modelica library (download from https://github.com/DLR-SR/ThermofluidStream) which allows robust and efficient modelling of complex thermohydraulic architectures. The very smart concept originated from the simulation of complex environmental control systems for aircraft and has been developed and tested with many industrial partners. This innovative concept is now made available to the public.

The most recent version contains use cases of relevant systems like cooling cycles, vapor cycles, heat pumps (see figure) and more. The two-phase fluid systems run with properties defined by Modelica.Media interface. Thus, the integration of two-phase fluid properties from our XRGMedia library is just a click away.

XRGMedia und ThermofluidStream

This week, XRG decided to make a list of two-phase fluids available to users of the DLR ThermofluidStream Library incl. R134a, R1234yf, CO2, NH3 and R245fa. These fluid properties are now integrated in the most recent version of ThermofluidStream. We hope you enjoy!