Hydrogen Energy Systems Simulation

Hydrogen Energy Systems

Will hydrogen energy systems play a core role for your company in the future?​​

Hydrogen energy systems are one of the most promising approaches for reaching the goal of a sustainable energy supply.

As Jules Verne already wrote in 1875: ​
"Water is the coal of the future. The energy of tomorrow is water that has been decomposed by electricity. The decomposed elements of water, hydrogen and oxygen, will secure the Earth's energy supply for an indefinite period of time." ​

We want to help you analyze and understand the behavior of your hydrogen energy system with detailed and advanced model-based simulation. ​

Benefit from our extensive modeling and simulation expertise acquired in the residential, mobility (automotive and aviation) & sector coupling fields and experience the synergy of knowledge and dedication.​​

Take a look at this example: Within the framework of the project "EnergiePuffer" funded by the German Federal Ministry for Ecomomic Affairs and Energy, XRG and Fraunhofer ICT carried out a simulation-based design optimization for an innovative hydrogen storage system. 

Read about the outcome in this Modelica conference contribution: Link.