Introduction to ClaRa+ Library

ClaRa+ models the transient, thermal behaviour of power plants and power systems. The library covers the modular description of all components of the water-steam cycle and the gas path of coal dust fired boilers and heat recovery steam generators.

Significant changes in world’s energy markets come with new challenges for existing and new power plants. Conventional and disposable units have to be more flexible to balance fluctuations from the renewables. The ClaRa+ library was already applied successfully in first commercial industry-related projects and offers the opportunity to gain problem-specific solutions using tailored system models of different levels of detail.

ClaRa+ boiler model

ClaRa+ workshop


The training course is for engineers and scientists who deal with development and simulation of energy systems. Please note that the number of participants is limited to 6 attendees in order to enable an intensive support of the group.

Course instructor

The course is held in English (on demand) by the developers of the library. They have modelled energy systems in several industrial and research projects for many years and used ClaRa+ succesfully for real-life applications.

Prerequisites for attending

For a successful participation you should have a fundamental knowledge of using the simulation software Dymola as well as common functional principles of the modelling language Modelica.

Training course objectives

The objective of the 3-day course is to introduce the participants to the Modelica library ClaRa+.


  • Purpose of the library
  • Package structure and scope of the library
  • Discussion on selected components (modelling ideas, features, accuracy, limits of validity, expert settings, numerical properties)
  • Model creation of an example power plant (Overview on required steps, Creation of a static model, Creation of specific subsystem of the plant, Combine the subsystems to form the power plant, Discussion of results)
  • Individual studies of participants' use-cases

Course length and place of event

The course will take 3 days (9 hours each including lunch break). It takes place in XRG´s training rooms in Hamburg, Germany.


For your requests give us a call (+49-40-76629 2630) or write an email ( You will receive a quotation via email and make your booking. The booking will be confirmed by email, again. Until 14 days before the course you can cancel without any charges. After that period we bill a cancellation fee about 50 pecent of the costs.


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