The Modelica Library FluidDissipation 1.1.2 is released

FluidDissipation is an open Modelica Library for calculations of pressure differences and heat transfer. It was developed by XRG Simulation during the research project Eurosyslib-D. The library was awarded with the Modelica-Library-Award of the Modelica Association in 2009.

The library is open source and can be downloaded freely in the version 1.1.2 for Dymola and MSL 3.2.

List of revisions:

  • Introduced a new two-phase heat transfer function for film condensation at a tube bundle FluidDissipation.HeatTransfer.HeatExchanger.
  • Enabled an optional input of a media state record into model
  • Removed temperature offset in components of package FluidDissipation.Examples.Applications.HeatTransfer