Building and HVAC Simulations

With our engineering methods and simulations, we develop and optimize comfortable and safe buildings and their building HVAC systems. This includes fire protection with the verification of fire protection concepts and the determination of fire protection objectives, as well as the development, monitoring, and control of energy-efficient buildings. 


Verification of Fire Protection Concepts

Using innovative calculation methods, we demonstrate safety objectives 

  • Design of smoke extraction systems with dynamic flow simulations (according to VDI 6019) 
  • Calculation of component temperatures for hot gas design in case of fire 
  • Functional assurance of protection systems under variable operating conditions (e.g., proof of frost protection of sprinkler systems) 

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  • Dimensioning and control of smoke control pressure systems (SCPS) for escape routes 
  • Evacuation simulations as part of a holistic fire protection concept (according to the requirements of the RIMEA association) 

Building and Plant Simulation

To support the development, monitoring, and control of energy-efficient buildings, we use modular and adaptable simulation models for your innovative ideas 

  • Thermal simulation of the building to determine energy requirements and comfort (e.g., with the HumanComfort and HVAC Library
  • Determination of the thermal condition within air-conditioned / ventilated zones using 1D zone modelling or 3D coarse grid CFD 
  • Integrated simulation of building, ventilation, as well as heating and cooling systems
  • Simulation of HVAC automation systems 
  • Online simulations of exported system models for monitoring and control of real systems as well as for component design (e.g.