ModelOpt is a standalone application that can be used to perform systematic parameter optimization. The external simulation tool required is Dymola (from version 6.1), which is controlled by ModelOpt. A simple and intuitive user interface allows the user to carry out complex optimization tasks automatically.

The most important optimization tasks include:

  • Minimization of an objective function (cost function)
  • Identification of parameters for which the deviation of measured values ​​becomes minimal

In ModelOpt there are various optimization algorithms available that are suitable for different tasks. In this way, either local or even global optima of an objective function can be reliably determined. The progress of the optimization calculation is graphically illustrated in a plot or in a table. In a separate batch mode, different scenarios can even be optimized for the same model.

Optimization of a Modelica model

Important Features of ModelOpt

  • Stand-alone application for the Windows XP operating system or newer. Intuitive user interface
  • Requires an installation of Dymola/Modelica 6.1 or newer
  • Optimization of changeable model parameters to minimize a freely definable objective function
  • Local optimization methods (NELDER-MEAD, COBYLA, NEWUOA-BOUND)
  • Global optimization methods (DIRECT, Randomized DIRECT-L)
  • Specification of termination conditions (tolerance, duration)
  • Limitation of simulation time and parameter values
  • Batch simulation for different data sets
  • Modelica Library ModelOptLib for easy integration into your own models

Modelica Integration

ModelOptLib is an addon library for use in Modelica models. The library allows easy integration into existing Modelica models by dragging and dropping components containing the most common mathematical forms of objective functions for calibration and minimization problems.


The development of ModelOpt was partially funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the research project OPENPROD (FKZ 01IS09029G), which ended in June 2012.