Vehicle Thermal Management

XRG Simulation works with you to develop innovative thermal management systems and components for vehicles at the highest quality level. Through our modular models, expensive and time-consuming vehicle tests can be reduced, and any test conditions simulated. We accompany you from idea to series production with solutions tailored to your needs.

Refrigeration Systems and Heat Pumps

Development, Validation, and Optimization of Refrigerant and Cooling Circuits

For your innovative ideas, we develop sophisticated, modular, and adaptable simulation models based on established model libraries:

  • Optimization of your operating strategy considering cost, efficiency, performance, and comfort
  • Mastering the specific requirements of e-mobility (HEV, PHEV, BEV)
  • Intelligent thermal management to maximize range, shorten charging time, and save weight and costs
  • Safe and reproducible investigation of limit areas
  • Comprehensive system understanding through open and transparent modeling
  • Robust initialization of stationary and dynamic models
  • Identifying and avoiding potential problems: feasibility, conflicting goals, service life, over- or under-sizing
  • Development, comparison, and evaluation of control strategies
  • Examination of refrigerant mass distribution in the system when switching operating modes
  • Co-simulation through export in the form of FMUs, executables, C-code, DLLs, or via inter-process communication COM
System Components

Accurate Representation of Your Components' Behavior.

XRG Simulation's simulation models are flexible and reusable component models. They precisely represent the behavior of your components:

  • Modeling of special components and calibration of standard models using measurement or design data
  • Adaptation of existing simulation models
  • Porting to software preferred by you or your potential customers
  • Use of component models in any number of scenarios and system models
  • Maximum accuracy through individually adapted heat transfer and pressure loss models as well as consideration of other physical effects
  • Minimal coordination effort with us through specification-compliant modeling and documentation
  • Transparency and traceability through the provision of the test environment
  • Preparation of measurement or simulation data with XRG design tools for calibration, verification, and validation, e.g., XRG Score

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Vehicle Cabin

Thermal Evaluations

To achieve maximum comfort and more efficiency, we perform thermal evaluations of vehicle cabins. We use flexible, physical cabin models with varying levels of detail:

  • Open, modular Modelica model approach to model various types of vehicles (e.g., coupes, sedans, cars, vans, trucks, and buses) using the XRG HumanComfort Library
  • Variable level of detail: Best compromise between level of detail and computational speed for each step of the design (1D single volume, 1D multi-volume up to 3D coarse grid CFD)
  • Suitable for energy and moisture balance, comfort assessment, calculation of air quality (CO2), and model predictive control
  • Saving on license costs by coupling HVAC model and cabin model within the same simulation environment (Dymola) possible